Unit Description

Unit created on the 25th July 3076

The Black Talon Phoenixes are a new ragtag outfit looking to make a name for themselves. They were founded by Captain McKay. The Phoenix in the Unit’s name derives from the Captain's pervious Mercenary Unit, the Red Star Legion. The Legion was devastated on a diversion contract and never fully recovered. The ending result just a year latter was the death of the unit.

The Black Talons are a Combined Arms Unit as they have 'Mechs, Aerospace Fighters, and even Infantry to help satisfy the wants and needs of all the recruits. The Black Talon Phoenixes' Command Staff has been known for going out of their way to spend money on new equipment to please their Pilots and Support Staff even if times are tight.

NEWS: Guerrilla Warfare in the Periphery!

Contract: PY-GW-08-01

Baron Czarniecki has now officially declared independence but he knows that the MoC can send heavy reinforcements if they so wish, so your duty will be to commit to a Guerrilla campaign against any invading forces, grind them piece by piece until they give up. We know that this is a lot to ask of a mercenary unit but we will be offering top rates of pay.